IT Solutions Portfolio

"Big IT for Small Business"

To give you the confidence you need and the peace of mind you deserve with your IT environment, ALLFOUR provides proven and unique technical solutions according to your business needs.


If you don’t already have an IT team or IT staff, we can take care of your end-to-end IT needs. We handle hardware acquisitions, software licensing, work with your service providers and employees to make sure that your IT works the way you expect, consistently every day. Whether we’re on-site or connecting remotely, we will take care of your IT so you and your employees can concentrate on your business. We pride ourselves on always keeping your business in mind and making sure that the solutions we develop work with your processes and budget.

  • IT Administration
  • IT Project Management
    • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Implementation
    • Documentation
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT-Related Needs Assessments
    • Request for Quotation
    • Request for Proposal
  • IT Support
    • Desktops
    • Servers
  • Network


File loss is a costly event in the business world. Are you protected? ALLFOUR has a proven backup system that leverages multiple on-site backups as well as a secure internet backup service to make sure that your data is safe. Whether it’s a file that was accidentally deleted, hardware failure or a major catastrophe, your data will be in a safe place when you need it.

  • On Site Backup Solution
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Monthly Backup Integrity Check
  • Off Site Backup Solution
  • Internet Backup


Are your workstations and servers working properly? Are they up to date? Do you know which machines are the oldest? Do you have a plan in case a machine breaks down? Can you confidently answer yes to all of these questions?


In today’s age of electronic threats, it’s important to stay protected. Choosing good antivirus software will keep your systems safe and clean with minimal effort. Talk to us about security.


The Internet can increase productivity for many aspects of your business. ALLFOUR can help you expand the versatility of your Internet connection while keeping your business secure against unwanted access.

  • VPN & Secure Remote Access
  • SPAM Filter
  • Firewall and Internet Security


Whether you work from a traditional office, use a laptop on the go, or have made the transition to a smart phone, such as an iPhone or Android, you can always be connected: collaborate, manage your schedule, and keep in touch with your customers, suppliers and colleagues anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Webmail Solutions
  • Smartphone Connectivity


Traditional Server offerings were not aimed at Small Business, and as a result were more difficult and costly to maintain. Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 is a game-changer for this segment. Aimed towards businesses with up to 75 users, it comes packed with rich features such as Exchange and SharePoint for email and collaboration, that helps you secure and consolidate your IT infrastructure while providing an excellent platform for your line of business applications. ALLFOUR has extensive experience installing and maintaining Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011.


Though not commonly required by Small Businesses, Microsoft has other software and solutions that can help you get more out of your Computer and Network Systems.

  • Server Virtualization - Hyper-V
  • Database Manager - SQL Server


Wouldn't it be nice if your Accounting Software worked the way you wanted? Our custom interfaces eliminate repetitive data entry and extend the functionality of Sage 300 ERP by adding or removing fields, screens or reports. Do you need to link Sage 300 ERP with another system? We have developed import and export interfaces for a variety of third-party systems.

  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Screen Customization
  • Task Automation
  • Application Integration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Database Repair