Our Team


Fernando has been passionate about the Information Technology area well before Windows 1.0 was released by Microsoft. Early in his teenage years he hand-built his first computer based on a British Sinclair ZX80 and other electronic parts available around the house, developed a taste for computer games, and wrote a book on how to design and program your own games.

He has been involved with the IT industry for over 25 years and has a vast experience in consulting, teaching, programming, and troubleshooting. In the last ten years, Fernando moved to North America and worked with Sage Accpac Dealers as a Network Consultant, ensuring that his clients’ computers would perform flawlessly with the famous accounting software.

In early 2006, Fernando decided to start ALLFOUR with Luciana and help more Small Businesses with the challenging task of using computers to help their business, instead of hinder it. Fernando brings to his business the same abilities and values that directs his personal life: excellent attention to detail, unmatched research abilities, a keen eye for out-of-the-box solutions, a capacity to see the “big picture”, and an unquestionable integrity.

Fernando loves to travel with his family and entertain friends at home. After all these years he still likes computer games, builds car and airplane models, and lately has been involved with race cars.


Richard has been involved with Technology as far back as he can remember. He fondly remembers using DOS 3.22 on his family's computer (a 286 at 12MHz!) as a child and writing fun programs in BASIC.

As an IT enthusiast from a young age, Richard ran a pre-internet modem-based text-only forum known as a BBS for other techies and tinkered with small electronic projects at home ranging in complexity from simple circuits to low level microcontroller development.

This passion led Richard to pursue a Computer Engineering Technology diploma from NAIT as it covered every aspect of computing - throughout the 2 year program, each graduate must build their own computer from scratch and successfully program it to achieve a number of predefined tasks.

Unfortunately the DOT COM boom ended just as Richard was graduating so there were no available IT jobs. Thankfully the well-rounded education he chose provided more than enough electronics know-how to qualify him to land a job as an electronic service tech, repairing wireless communications equipment and antenna systems. This allowed him to hone his troubleshooting skills and get to really know his way around a soldering iron.

Once the IT market opened up again, Richard found himself supporting computers at IBM. Originally a helpdesk analyst, IBM Canada recognized Richard for a number of cost-saving automation programs he developed in his spare time, encouraging him to become a Technology Service Professional and creating a role for him in Edmonton that didn't previously exist, developing automation software for a number of other business units. During his career there, he became comfortable supporting a number of workstation and server platforms for large internationally recognized companies, developed programming skills in an enterprise environment and also learned a great deal about concepts such as customer service, problem and change management, Six Sigma and Lean methodologies.

As a consultant, Richard has been bringing these skills and more to ALLFOUR and our customers since 2010. Focused on adapting the big-enterprise solutions to Small/Medium businesses, he prides himself on being able to get big IT done on a small IT budget. More recently, his focus has been directed towards achieving a number of cloud certifications and working through a number of cloud adoption plans from a small business perspective.

On a personal note, Richard still spends his free time tinkering with electronics and teaching himself new programming languages and concepts such as Python and Windows Universal App development.


Luciana has over 20 years experience in Accounting, Administration, and Consulting. She worked as an auditor and moved to the financial industry where she successfully organized three departments for Lloyds Bank PLC in Brazil. Her focus changed to small business when she moved to Canada.

She worked in the non-profit sector and founded ALLFOUR with Fernando in 2006. In 2008, she graduated in the CGA program and since then has been a self-learner in personal development, project management, and public speaking.

She is proud of her discipline, commitment, and organization skills. Her family is her most important value. During her spare time she loves reading and jigsaw puzzles.